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Accident & Crime Scene Surveys


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The evidence obtained through accident surveying can be crucial to an insurance or legal case, or in supporting or disproving a causation theory. The resulting images are surprisingly realistic, and show every detail necessary to reconstruct the accident. In fact, the digital information collected by the accident survey can be used to create a simulation of the accident itself through computer or video reenactments. This reenactment relies not only on the on-scene observations and accident survey measurements but also on the crash report and crash tests showing the results at various angles, allowing accurate reconstruction of the accident given the resulting scene.

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A proud member of the American Congress On Land Surveying and Land Mapping.

Montana Surveying and Mapping Inc. strives to provide efficient and cost effective services to their clients. A unique combination of tried-and-true methods of Land Surveying, Land Mapping, and Land Development combined with the latest technology has produced a Montana (MT) Company that is competitive with the best in the business. Please take a few moments to view our company. You will see why we call ourselves a Professional Land Surveyors Company. We are proud to have served the Lake County (MT), Flathead County (MT), Sanders County (MT), Lincoln County (MT) and the state of Montana over the years.